Ham and Chicken Wraps

Ham and Chicken Wraps


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If you need a quick lunch, a simple sandwich wrap is healthy and easy to make.

While I generally try to make my lunches for the week, there are times where I simply don’t have a meal ready for lunch. I generally don’t have a ton of time for making lunch (not that I have a lot of time for making any meals for that matter), so something unhealthy is quite easy to eat (i.e. frozen pizza).

In order to avoid eating an unhealthy lunch, even when I don’t have a meal prepared, I try my best to eat something healthy. I have a few different recipes that I’ll fall back to. One of my favorites is a simple sandwich wrap. It doesn’t take a lot of work to prepare, and it’s actually quite tasty.

One thing I almost always have on hand is grilled chicken. While I don’t always have some on hand, it’s usually closer to the end of the week after we’ve eaten it gone. This recipe is tastier if you have grilled chicken, but it’s not required - you’ll simply skip the chicken part of the recipe below.

For this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients: Tortilla, ham (generally something already sliced or that you can slice into sandwich meat), lettuce and any other vegetables you might like, mustard if you want it. And, if you have it, grilled chicken.

If you’re putting any mustard on, put it on the tortilla to start. Next, lay your ham on the tortilla, and follow that up with putting all of your vegetables in. If you have grilled chicken, slice it into strips, and put it on the wrap. Wrap the whole thing up, and enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of prep for a very healthy lunch choice.

My favorite tortillas to use for this are the Ole Xtreme Wellness tortillas. These tortillas are only 50 calories each, but taste excellent. They have several different versions, but I like the basic wheat version the best. I discovered these tortillas a few years back when I was looking for a low calorie tortilla option (if you didn’t know, tortillas have a ton of calories generally). I like them better than any other store bought tortillas out there.

If you either don’t like tortillas, or are trying to really cut out your carbs, then you can modify this recipe by completely removing the tortillas as well. If you choose to go this route, then you’re likely going to have to put less vegetables and other ingredients on the inside of the wrap. One way to do this is to just wrap the meat up with a few vegetables (and the mustard if you want), and then eat your other vegetables on the side.

These sandwich wraps are also great for your kids if they’re tired of the same old sandwich or other lunch food everyday. Simply put in a few vegetables that they’ll eat, and you have a healthy lunch that you didn’t slave over, but is better than many of the other choices that you have for the kids.

Don’t let having nothing prepared stop you from having a healthy lunch, while also being quick. With just a few minutes of work, you can have a tasty and healthy lunch for the whole family.


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