Reading at the Doctor’s Office

Reading at the Doctor’s Office


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Take your reading with you to the doctor’s office in order to help pass the time.

After you have kids, you’re likely going to be seeing a lot more of the doctor’s office than you did before having kids. If you just gave birth, it will actually end up being less after all of the visits you had leading up to the birth of the baby. Regardless, you’ll be at the doctor’s far more than you did before having a baby and kids. Many already dislike visiting the doctor’s office once a year - you’ll be there multiple times.

Before having kids, a visit to the doctor is really more an inconvenience than anything. The worst part of a visit to the doctor is the waiting - you sit and wait outside before you’re taken back. Then you visit with the nurse and get your general health measured. Then you sit and wait even longer in the room before the doctor shows up. You spend way more time waiting around than actually seeing people.

With all of the time being spent doing nothing generally, it’s actually the perfect time to pull out your book and read. This is one of the primary reasons we recommend that you take your Kindle with you everywhere. You simply never know when you might have a few free minutes to read and enjoy a book - at the doctor’s office you’ll likely have a lot of time to sit and enjoy your book while you wait.

If you’re already taking your Kindle with you all the time, then you’ll always be able to pull it out when you have free time. If you don’t, then it’s time to get started. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for the doctor without your book. Of course, you could just pull out your phone and read as well, but it’s much harder to not get distracted when you’re using your phone for reading - a dedicated reading device is far better.

Once you have kids and you’re visiting the doctor’s office, then it’s far better to have an actual reading device vs just your phone for reading. For babies, you can still use your phone for reading, but as they turn into toddlers, you won’t be able to sit and read without having something for your child to do while you read or else they’ll tear the room completely apart trying to find something to do.

While a toy may keep a toddler invested for a little while, and a book can be a good distraction, handing your child your phone while you sit and read is going to be far easier for you to actually read. We never hand our phones to our kids, so when they do get it, it’s a special occasion - the doctor’s office is one of those times that they’ll usually get it. Partially this is because a shot is often in their future.

It’s definitely the most difficult part of reading while at the doctor’s office - keeping your child entertained. But as a parent, that’s always the struggle you’ll have with reading - keeping your child engaged in something else so that you can actually read. If you can figure out the best way to keep them happy while at the doctor’s office, then you’ll find that you have quite a bit of time to read.

Take your book with you to the doctor’s office. Don’t let the many minutes you sit around go to waste - get some good reading in. Get a Kindle now.


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