Take Your Kindle Everywhere

Take Your Kindle Everywhere


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You never know when you might have a few minutes to read.

There are many benefits to owning a Kindle over a regular book. Perhaps the biggest reason to have an actual book is that you actually get to feel and smell the pages. While that’s important to some people, it’s also tough to always have a physical book with you. Heading to the store? You’re probably not carrying a book with you. Going for a family outing to the local museum? Unlikely that an actual book makes the cut. It’s simply unfeasible in many cases to carry a book with you everywhere that you go.

On the other hand, a Kindle can fit inside your pocket in some cases. Even if it doesn’t fit in your pocket, you can fit it into any bag that you may have with you including your baby bag. There’s really no reason that it can’t be carried with you everywhere that you go. As long as you have a cover on it which protects the main screen when closed, then carrying it around with you only has one negative side effect - it’s easier to lose when you always have it with you.

Beyond it being more convenient to have your Kindle over a regular book, you can also carry a lot of books on your Kindle at once. You can load your book up with several hundred books at a time without any issue, so you should never really have any problem with not having anything to read. If you can get wifi where you’re at, you can get a new book with just a couple clicks of a button. There’s really no excuse for not having anything to read.

We recently were at the doctor’s office and I had my Kindle in my pocket with me. I hadn’t thought about it, I had just grabbed it as we walked out the door. That was fortunate as my son ended up looking at pictures on my phone while we waited for the doctor to come in (about 20 minutes). I had my Kindle so I was able to get in a few minutes of reading while we waited. Because I was used to taking my Kindle with me everywhere, I had it with me when I had a decent amount of time for reading.

You can find time to read in many scenarios - at the park is another great place to read while your kids play on the playground with other kids. Sitting at any appointment and waiting, waiting for your child’s sports game to start, or when waiting for your kids upon picking them up from a playdate. Whatever the reason, simply having your Kindle with you will allow you to take advantage of these free moments when they do appear.

Just because you take your Kindle doesn’t mean you’re going to read it. You shouldn’t get upset if you’re unable to read during a certain period of time. There are times where your kids will need your attention or time will simply not allow for reading. You shouldn’t go into these situations thinking that you have to read. You should rather approach them as potential opportunities to read if time allows, and if not then you’ll look for another opportunity.

Reading is a great way to learn new things or to get lost in a different world. It’s also a great way to disconnect from some of the negativity that is found on social media and in the media. If all you do is spend time on your phone looking at the media or social media, you’ll often find yourself depressed by all of the negativity that is in the world. Spend time reading real books to engage your brain in using your imagination and learning new things.

Having your Kindle with you wherever you go is a great way to get some reading in when you have a few minutes of free time. Take your Kindle on the go with you to get through your book just a little faster. Get your Kindle now.

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