Dads Are Parents

Dads Are Parents


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Just because a man is alone with a child doesn’t mean they’re special.

While being a dad has been something that has been around since the beginning of time (seriously), for some reason society likes to look at men differently when it comes to parenting. A father who is alone with his kids is often looked at and judged differently than a mother who is with her kids. One is considered normal while the other is either special or unusual depending on your background.

Being a dad is awesome. It’s great when a father is heavily involved in a child’s life. It’s also great when a mother is involved as well. We shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that a father is spending time with their kids any more than we should celebrate that a mother is spending time with her kids. Both are parents, and both have a responsibility to take care of their kids, regardless of gender or name.

Dads are parents too. Yeah, it sounds dumb when you say it like that, but all too often they’re viewed through some sort of different lens. A dad who takes their child to the park without mom is looked at a bit differently in many cases, especially if it’s the middle of the day. Why would a dad spend time with his kids at the park during the day? Probably because he is fulfilling his parental duty.

As a father, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend time with your kids alone. Mothers have to learn to take care of kids the exact same as you do. You can hold a baby and not have to hand them off to their mother if they scream. A baby screams sometimes - you can spend time learning to calm the baby and letting your partner have a break. You’ll figure it out as you participate in your baby’s life.

It’s time that we simply start accepting that a dad is a parent, and stop making comments about something they’re doing that’s special. A father should be involved in their child’s life. They should help with the chores around the house, they should help with raising the child, and they should spend time with them while their mother gets a break. There’s nothing unique that they have to do, just be a parent.

Guess what? Moms have been doing this for a long time, and you don’t ever hear a comment about how mom is babysitting or that mom’s doing an exceptional job simply because she is out and about with the kids without dad - she’s doing her parental duty but no one is really noticing in any special way. Parents do the things they have to, and gender shouldn’t cause one to be lauded more than the other.

Yes, percentages point to the fact that fathers are generally less involved in the day to day with their children. But that shouldn’t be the case, and it’s time that we stop accepting that as normal and making a big deal when it’s not. It’s time that we start recognizing all parents equally and expecting that they will fulfill the same responsibilities together rather than one taking on more than the other simply because of gender.

Be a father. Be a parent. You will find a far greater joy in parenting when you plan to share in the responsibilities equally.


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