Should I Get Bunk Beds or Not

Should I Get Bunk Beds or Not


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Bunk beds are a great option for kids to share a room.

If you have more than one child, you’ll often run into an issue of whether or not you have enough bedrooms for all of them. Even if you have enough bedrooms, you may not want to put the kids in their own room. Should your kids share a room or not? Are they old enough or close enough together to share a room? Should we put them in bunk beds?

All of these questions are quite common when trying to figure out whether or not to put kids in the same bedroom together or not. The answer doesn’t have to be complicated to come to, but we like to make things more complicated than they really are. Below are a few things to consider when looking at whether or not to get your kids bunk beds.

The one thing we recommend if you are going with bunk beds is to make sure to buy bunk beds that separate into two separate beds. This will allow for splitting how the kids sleep at a later date very easily if needed.

Do you have enough bedrooms to split them?

If you have the space to put each child in their own bedroom, then you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to when they are young. If you don’t have extra bedrooms, then you’re going to be putting them in the same room together. When this is the case, you have to simply determine if you have enough room for separate beds or not. Generally, we’d recommend bunk beds simply for the extra room they save in a bedroom.

If you have enough bedrooms to put each child in their own, then you have a bit more to consider. Some of the decision here is dependent on the questions below - age and gender. Generally the closer in age that the kids are together, the easier it is to put them in the same bedroom. Kids generally like to be around their siblings (even if they fight all the time), and often it will help them to sleep better.

On the other hand, kids may be better off being in separate rooms. If your kids are on different sleeping schedules, or one of them wakes up all of the time and the other doesn’t, then splitting them up may make more sense. Messing up the other child’s sleep schedule may not be worth it. Once your kids are on the same schedule, then you could consider putting them together after that.

How close in age are your kids?

The closer kids are together in age, the easier it will be to put them together in bunk beds. We have kids that are about 4 years apart in age - that’s a pretty large age difference, but by the time the youngest was sleeping through the night they were fine to sleep together in the same room. It took a few nights to get used to (they were very excited), but they were fine after they got used to it.

The issue with kids that have a large age gap is that they generally have pretty different interests, and the younger child may not be able to accept some of the decisions about who sleeps where as easily. Both kids may want to sleep on the top or bottom bunk. The same can go with toys and interests that the kids have as well - the little one will want to get all of the things that the little one has. The closer the kids are together, the easier it will be to keep both kids happy.

Are your kids the same gender?

If your kids are different gender, putting them in the same room in bunk beds may present problems. If your kids are really close together in age, and they’re under 10 years of age, then it’s generally alright. However, at some point you’re going to want to figure out a different option when they’re older if you can. While you can certainly make it work if you have to, it’s best to try to keep the boys and girls in the home separated at older ages.

If kids are all close together in age and younger, then gender differences shouldn’t really be an issue. Letting them sleep in bunk beds is totally fine. Certainly go with bunk beds over separate beds if you are putting them in the same room.


Bunk beds make a lot of sense when you’re putting kids in the same room. Determining if they go in the same room or not is the real decision you have to make. Go with bunk beds that separate into two beds and bunk beds make sense.


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