Have Weekly Cereal Day

Have Weekly Cereal Day


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Rather than cereal every day, make it a once a week treat.

Cereal is such a simple breakfast for kids. It literally takes no work for you or your kids to make - simply pull out the cereal, and put in some milk and your kid has breakfast. As a busy parent, this is about the simplest breakfast that you can make for your child. Many parents across the country are letting their kids have cereal for breakfast every day.

Of course, cereal is also one of the most unhealthy breakfast foods that you can give to your child. There are healthy cereals, but usually your kids won’t eat them or else they’ll want to load them up with sugar to make them taste good. You’re basically feeding your child a huge bowl of sugar covered cereal with some milk. The milk is generally good for your child, while the rest isn’t really.

There are a ton of simple and healthy breakfast ideas that we’ve covered on this site in the past. From eggs to pancakes, these recipes take a little bit of planning, but are relatively quick and easy to make and will be far healthier than something like a sugar covered cereal.

Instead of eating cereal every single day, you should consider doing a single day per week where you let your kids have cereal for breakfast. This allows them to look forward to cereal day, it gives you a day when you don’t have to do anything, but you also don’t have to listen to your child whine about how they want cereal every single day (you may still hear them whining at first as you transition into this type of a schedule).

We generally like to have our cereal day be on the weekend. This allows us as parents to truly take the day off rather than having to get up to make anything for the kids to eat. Our kids absolutely love waking up on Saturday morning knowing that they’ll be getting cereal for breakfast. On other days, they may mention that they want cereal, but a simple statement that Saturday is cereal day gets them moving on to other ideas for breakfast.

This same method can be applied to most any other unhealthy food that you don’t want your child eating every single day. Want candy to be a once a week thing, no problem. Ice cream, donuts, or anything else you can think of. Set the day of the week when you’ll be eating it, and stick to that day.

It may take time for your child to get used to such a schedule, but ultimately they will get used to it and you’ll have been able to limit the poor food choice to once a week rather than multiple times per week. It’s a simple but effective compromise to those foods.

If you’re wanting to make your food choices more healthy in your home, but want to avoid causing a huge fight with your kids, try moving cereal to be once a week rather than every day for breakfast.


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