The Best Workout

The Best Workout


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Looking for the best workout routine? It’s up to you to find it.

If you’re in search of the best workout, you’ve come to the right place to find it. Working out as a parent or an adult is tricky for many people, especially for those who have not yet got into the habit of working out regularly. Finding the best workout routine for you is going to take a little bit of work on your part.

The best workout is something you will stick to. It’s as simple as that. Of course, it’s easier said than done. There is no magic bullet best workout routine that is the same for every single person. If you have a workout that you can’t or won’t stick to, then it’s not the right routine for you. You need to find something that you will actually stick with.

For some, this may mean long runs. For others, this may mean lifting weights. For others, this may mean yoga. There are hundreds of different options out there for actual workout routines. Finding the right one will be up to you. Below are a few tips to help you find the best workout.

Find something that you have time for

If you don’t have time for your workout routine, you’re not going to do it. For example, trying to fit a two hour gym session in while trying to be a parent is often extremely difficult (especially if your kid is under the age of 5). In order to find the best workout for yourself, you’re going to need to start with figuring out how much time you have each day for that routine.

Let’s assume you only have 30 minutes of free time for working out. You’re likely going to be confined to routines that you can do at home with that type of a schedule unless you live across the street from a gym. If you have more time, your options will change accordingly. Figure out the time and how long you have for working out.

Once you have the time of day, and the amount of time, you can narrow down your options. Do you have time to go to a gym, or do you need to work out at home? Do you have enough time for long cardio sessions, or do you need something shorter to complete? Whatever the case may be, you need something that fits your schedule in order to make it successful.

Do something you enjoy

“The best workout is a long weightlifting session in the gym.” Do you agree or disagree with that statement? If you agree, then you’re going to stick with your workout routine (assuming it’s lifting weights). If not, then you’re not going to stick to the routine. If you don’t like lifting weights, don’t make it the starting point or central point for your routine. Find something that you enjoy doing.

Every person is different. Some people absolutely love to run, and they can run for miles and miles. Others absolutely despise running, and won’t do it at all. Insert any form of fitness into the last two sentences, and you’ll see that there is no such thing as a global workout that is the best for everyone. The best workout for you will likely be different for the person next to you.

If you’re just beginning your workout journey, you’ll have to try several different activities to find out what you love. Start slowly in new activities that you’ve never done before in order to help prevent injury, but try many different activities. You never know what you might find enjoyable until you give it a go.

Be persistent

The key to being successful in your workout (and in life) is to be persistent. You’re going to have days where you absolutely don’t feel like working out, even doing the things that you love to do. On days where this occurs, it’s far more important to get up and do something than to skip your workout. A partial workout is far better than no workout at all.

The best workout is one that you’ll stick with. That is what persistence is - something you stick with and do. Don’t give up easily on your workouts. If you find you’re not enjoying it, then find a different activity that you can do rather than just giving up the routine completely. It’s the only way to succeed.


The best workout is different for everybody. Find something you enjoy doing, make time for it, and be persistent. You’ll find that success in working out is closer than you may have previously thought.


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