Stick to Your Goals

Stick to Your Goals


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Making goals is only the first step in achieving what you want in life.

A few days ago, we wrote about setting goals for yourself. Setting goals is an excellent first step in working towards achieving what you want in this life. Setting goals is also the easiest step in the whole process. It’s the step that most people take. To really succeed, you must follow through.

Being successful in your own life comes from putting in the hard work, and following through on the things that you want in life. Millions of people everywhere set goals that they want to achieve. A very small percentage of those people put in the hard work to achieve those goals.

As a parent, and busy adult, it’s not going to be easy to stick to your goals. There will be nights where you don’t get a lot of sleep. There will be days where you have little to no time to yourself. There will be weeks that you wish would end as fast as they can. Kids are not easy, and they will take a lot of your time and energy. In other words, the cards are stacked against you even more than those that aren’t parents.

In order to be successful, you are going to have to be disciplined. You’re going to have to take advantage of every opportunity that you do have to work towards your goals. Do you have a few minutes while your child is napping? Rather than reaching for your phone to waste time on social media, go to your computer to work on your goal (or whatever device you need to work towards your goals).

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, and say that you’ll start tomorrow on working towards your goals. It’s easy to feel like you can’t do it because you’ve got kids, and that you’ll work on them at some point in the future. While it’s fine to rest from time to time, if all you’re doing is relaxing then you’ll never spend any time trying to achieve your goals.

Be focused and ready to work. Plan time to work towards your goals. Set time aside each week to work on the things that you want to accomplish. If you’re not consistently working towards your goals, then you’re going to find getting back into them is tough. You’ll forget what you were doing or what you were working on. Being consistent will help you remember what you were doing and where you last ended off.

The most successful people are those that stick to working towards what they want, even when life isn’t making it easy for them. As soon as life trips them up a little bit, they get their feet right back under them and keep moving. They are resilient to the downfalls that will inevitably come as you work towards your goals.

Be consistent, and resilient. Don’t give up, even when it seems like you’ll never be able to accomplish what you want. Often the only difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t are whether or not the person sticks with the task.


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