Top Indoor Toys

Top Indoor Toys


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Being stuck inside can get a bit crazy as winter wears on. Pick up the best toys for your kids.

If you’re like most parents, your kids probably already have a ton of toys. There are probably only a handful of toys that they still play with at this point. Rather than buying brand new toys all the time, it’s a great idea to try to bring out some of their old toys and figure out if they’re still interested in them. The worst that happens is that you’ll find out that they’re not interested in playing with them any longer.

Whether you have the toys below already, or you’re going to buy them, finding the best toys for your kids will make a huge difference in the amount of free time you have, and you might find that your kids are really able to play on their own without constantly having to have someone watching them.


LEGO are by far one of the most popular toys for kids. We’ve written about how awesome they are before, and that hasn’t changed. LEGO are an excellent way for your kids to be creative while also having to figure out how to focus that creativity to build something unique.

The real big problem with LEGO is how expensive they can become as your kids get into them. There are LEGO alternatives (non name brand toys), but they are nowhere near as good as the original. It’s probably still worth the plunge if you don’t already have them, but just realize that you could be in for an expensive hobby.


Magnet Tiles

Magnet tiles are fun toys that even the littlest kids can play with (they’re plenty safe to put in a child’s mouth). These tiles stick together really easily, but it also means that they come apart fairly easily as well. As long as you’re not expecting something that can withhold heavy play, then these tiles are perfect.

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Fake Food

If your kids are into playing house, then having fake food is a must. Even if your kids aren’t into that normally, you may find that they really enjoy playing with fake food. You may never get out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner again if your kids take to it. Make sure to buy enough food to give yourself a solid and healthy diet :). Of course, this may be the only time that you’re able to eat pizza and cookies on a regular basis.

Fake food also goes well with a fake restaurant or diner. You can build something out of boxes if you’d like, and it should be sufficient for your kids, or you can buy a prebuilt one. This will really allow kids to pretend like they’re preparing and serving food. If you have more than one kid, they can spend hours serving and eating.

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Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are really cool. There’s no need to carry them all over the place, but rather just having them as an option to play with. As long as you have several of them, you can spend quite a while trying to get them to spin all at the same time, on top of each other, or in sync with other spinners. You may find you spend more time playing with them than your own kids...

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Puzzles are a toy that will help your child start to see the big picture. They can start to realize how pieces together and how things connect. Buying puzzles that aren’t too difficult for your child, and that they won’t lose pieces to easily is probably a good place to start for most kids.

This is another toy that is a lot of fun for parents as the puzzles become more difficult and your child can help do them. 1000+ piece puzzles are a lot of fun when your child can help with them. While it’s certainly a lot of work to get through those types of puzzles, they can also lead to a lot of quiet time if your child gets into putting them together.

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Anything your child will play with

Ultimately, the best indoor toy is the one that your child will play with and give you some quiet time. There are thousands of toys that are out there, and for some kids, the appeal of one will be different than to another child. Finding the toy that your child enjoys is the best indoor toy for you.


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