Fun Toy For Kids: Magnet Tiles

Fun Toy For Kids: Magnet Tiles


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Magnet based toys are always a hit with kids. Letting kids build unique structures with magnet based toys is a great way for them to learn and be creative.

Growing up, we had LEGO, and blocks for building things out of. LEGO were my favorite, and we built some pretty cool things out of them. Putting blocks together to build something unique is a lot of fun, and really allows kids to show off their creative side while at the same time using their brain to figure out how pieces go together.

The downside to LEGO is that they are a bit harder for younger kids to be able to use. While they can learn to push the blocks together, it can also be frustrating for them and they may get upset easily. Of course, they can use standard blocks to build things as well, and that’s a lot of fun for them, but unlike LEGO those will fall apart and break easily.

Magnet tiles fill a role between LEGO and blocks (at least that’s how I see it). They allow younger children to have a building toy that sticks together, while at the same time having something as easy to get together as blocks. If you’ve never seen these tiles before, they are simply plastic shapes (squares, triangles, hexagons, etc.) that have magnets along the edges. By placing magnets in the edges, kids are easily able to connect and build whatever they want out of them.

These tiles go together quite easily, and you can build some pretty impressive structures out of them. They stick together quite well. They’re certainly not as sturdy as something built out of LEGO, but you can get something built quite high without issue.

Kids of all ages generally enjoy playing with these blocks. They allow the child to build and be creative. As kids get older, they’ll use more of their thinking skills to figure out how they can build bigger and more sturdy structures. They’ll teach themselves different ways that they can connect the tiles together, and keep themselves entertained for a while.

Similar to other building type toys, tiles made of magnets are fun for adults as well. Trying to figure out how to make a huge tower, or how to make something that will roll can be a fun challenge for you as well. There are a lot of different possibilities, and these are interesting toys for adults to play with their kids as well.

In terms of building magnet tiles, there are a lot of options. Unlike LEGO, the knock-offs are generally worth it. While they don’t stick together quite as well as the official brand, they stick together well enough and the price justifies buying them. Part of the reason that the knock-off brands are worth it as well is that these toys can be semi-expensive for very few pieces. After you’ve played with 20 pieces (a lot of the official boxes are small like this), you’re going to want more of them to build some more interesting structures. Getting a large quantity of the tiles makes for a lot more fun.

Keep your kids entertained and learning. Make sure they have toys that help them engage their brain, and force them to think a bit. Magnet tiles are perfect for that. Get your tiles now.


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