Picnic Time

Picnic Time


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Get outside and enjoy the fresh air with a picnic.

Going on a picnic is a fun afternoon activity with kids that will get everyone out of the house for a bit, and allows you to breathe some fresh air. Your child will enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, and it allows everyone to be active. Don’t plan too much for a picnic unless you want to - you can have a fun time with minimal preparation.

There’s really only one thing that you need for a picnic besides yourself, and that’s something to eat. You don’t have to make a picnic a huge meal - take a few snacks with you and get to the park with them. A few healthy snacks makes going to the park for a picnic at any time really easy. A bigger meal is also appropriate if you’d like.

A favorite food for picnics is obviously sandwiches. We prefer to make them at home before getting to the park, but if you’re going to be at the park for awhile then it may make more sense to make them at the park. We also enjoy bringing along some type of vegetable such as carrots, celery, or anything else that’s easy to cut into bite size pieces. Make sure to bring something to drink as well, even if it’s just a bottle of water. Picnics generally involve running around, so staying hydrated is important.

Try to avoid things such as candy, chips, and other unhealthy foods (high calorie foods). Chips in particular are probably a difficult one - most people like to have chips with their sandwiches. While that’s fine on occasion, it’s better to stick to vegetables and other healthier choices. Bring fruits for something sweet. Apples, bananas, grapes, or any other favorite of your kids will do. It’s a much better option than candy of some type.

Generally, you’ll also want to have a blanket that you can sit on. If you’re going to a park that has picnic tables, then some type of table covering is a good idea (a blanket can be used for this as well). Even if there are picnic tables, a blanket is a must have right after food as it can be spread on the ground to rest - one of the best parts of a picnic is laying in the sun after eating and playing. Bring a blanket.

Don’t forget to bring along some toys to play with as well. We generally like to bring sports related items such as soccer balls, frisbees, footballs, and so forth. Have several items on hand as it allows you to be flexible. A kite is also a great option if it’s going to be windy enough out to use one. Having more items than you actually use isn’t a problem, so we generally keep several items in the car just in case.

Play with your kids for at least a bit of the time. If it’s just you and one child, then you may play the whole time with them. If you have more than one child, then they may end up playing some without you. Get up and play with them as well. Playing outdoors with your child is a great way to spend quality time with them.

Try to spend time sitting and relaxing as well. Look at the sky and enjoy the fresh air. You can look at your phone, spend time on social media, answer emails, and whatever else when you get home. Try to focus on spending time relaxing while outdoors. A book can be super relaxing to read while outside, but make sure you don’t lose track of your kids if doing so - laying and reading in the warm sun is really relaxing.

Enjoy a picnic with your kids. Get outside, eat some food, run around, and relax in the fresh air. There’s not much that beats a simple picnic on a warm day outside with your family.


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