Overnight Car Trips

Overnight Car Trips


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If you’re looking for a quick way to get away from home, taking a short trip in the car to nearby camping, or picnic area may be just what you need to get away.

It’s been a long summer for many - travel plans have been cancelled or postponed. We’ve been stuck in tight quarters with crazy and wild kids, and there’s an invisible virus that is in the air. Anyone who isn’t starting to go a bit stir crazy is one of those people that really loves being a parent. The rest of us are ready to burst.

However, as things have opened up a bit more, there are opportunities to get away for a short amount of time to help yourself rejuvenate. There’s no reason you have to take a big flight somewhere, or spend days exploring a new country. While that would certainly be nice, those options aren’t really viable at the current time.

Local trips are the way to go right now, and they have the added benefit of not requiring a ton of planning to make happen. Regardless of where you head, you should follow the local guidelines and restrictions to help keep your family safe, as well as those around you. Getting sick on vacation in normal times isn’t ideal in the best of times.

When looking for local options, there are a few things you should be considering. First off, figure out how much time you’ll be spending in the car. Taking a long car drive with kids can be a bit of work - if you have options closer by, then I’d highly recommend them. Driving an hour to your destination will be easier than driving 5 hours to get somewhere that may seem a little more exotic.

Of course, you should consider the popularity of the places you’re headed as well. If you’re headed to one of the busiest national parks, then expect it to be full. However, if you’re headed to a more remote location - outback camping for example - then you’re probably better off. While you’re probably not taking a baby to outback camping, there are other options as well. Ultimately, you should be aiming for locations that aren’t expected to have as many people at them.

If you’re not a fan of camping, or don’t want to do it with your kids, then you’re either looking at a hotel, or else just a day trip. If you’re looking at a hotel, make sure you know what their cleanliness standards are, and how they’re helping fight the current virus. Most places are doing a lot of things, and in many cases that means no breakfast either. You’ll want to make sure you know the extent of changes these places are making.

A day trip also isn’t a bad option. If you can get to a lake or river in an hour, you can have an excellent time away from home playing in the water, hiking, and eating with your family. It can be a great way to disconnect from the world, get out of cramped quarters, and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Highly recommended if you can make it happen.

You’re also welcome to just stay at home. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, and many are choosing to. Try to make it unique by all sleeping in the same room, having food you don’t normally eat, and turning off the internet for a period of time. Make it all about being something different and out of the ordinary.

Whatever you do, try to decompress, and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Making a quick overnight trip from your house can be exactly what’s needed to get back to the grind.


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