Read What You Want

Read What You Want


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Find books you like and read them.

The biggest barrier to reading for parents is finding the time to do it. The second biggest barrier is finding the motivation to read when they do have time. Finding time to read takes some work, but you can fit it in your day if you really want to. Finding motivation to read can often be a bit more difficult.

In order to find time to read, you really need a strong desire to read. You’ve got so many priorities that are pushing for your time, and so many other simple ways to spend your time than reading a book. At the very least, you should make sure that you have a Kindle or other e-reader on hand so that it’s simple to always have a book close by.

The easiest way to find motivation for reading is to read what you want. Reading is something that you are doing for yourself. You’re not trying to impress anyone else, or show off about reading a classic novel or the latest non-fiction masterpiece. Reading is for you to accomplish what you want.

Read what you want. If you’re worried that others might think bad of you, you’ll have to simply get over it - reading is for you and not for them. One of the great things about a Kindle is that no one has any idea what you’re actually reading. Get a book that you’ll actually enjoy reading.

By reading books that you want to read, you’ll find it much easier to become motivated to read. If you’re into Young Adult books, then read them. Who cares that they’re meant for a younger audience than you. If you will be more motivated to read by reading a book in the YA genre, then read it. If you’d prefer to read non-fiction, mystery, or something else, then read that.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself and try to expand your reading horizons, however, you should do that once you’ve found your motivation for reading. Even then, you should sprinkle books in every few books so that you don’t kill your motivation for reading. Trying to read books that aren’t interesting to you on a regular basis will make you not want to read.

If you’re still not sure what you really enjoy reading, then you’ll need to find what books you do enjoy reading by reading across multiple genres. There’s not really any other way to find the books that you love to read.

Reading is a great way to engage your brain while also relaxing or getting away from the stresses of the day. Reading is a really great way to do that, and it will really help you relax. However, it also means that reading a book is usually harder to start than picking up your phone or browsing social media. It will take work on your part.

Choose books that you want read. It will help with your motivation, and you may find that you really want to read to find out what happens next. Reading books you like will help get you that feeling and provide motivation to find the time to read.


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