Best Times to Read

Best Times to Read


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Finding time to read is hard as a parent. Below are the best times we’ve found.

You likely find you don’t have time to read. People without kids often don’t have a lot of free time to read either. If you’re not making it a priority, then you’re going to simply find that there’s not enough minutes in the day to make sure that you’re able to read. You’ll have to make reading a priority to make it part of your daily and weekly routine.

Buy a Kindle

The easiest way to make sure that you have a book available is to buy an e-reader. It will allow you to easily have a book close by, no matter where you are. While you can certainly carry around a physical book, you’re much less likely to do so. Headed to the park? Throw your Kindle in your bag or pocket. Going outside for a bit, grab your Kindle.

The Kindle is great because it’s so lightweight and it’s really easy to get free books on there. If you’re unsure about the process, check out our article on the topic. You can get books for free from multiple different sources, and they’re generally extremely easy to get onto your Kindle so you always have something to read.

At Night or In the Morning

The easiest time to read is generally when your kids are asleep and you have some quiet time. If you’re a night owl, then it’s likely after your kids have laid down to sleep for the night. If you’re an early riser, then the morning is a great time to get some reading in before the kids wake up.

Regardless of the time that you choose to read, you’re going to have to make it a priority. It’s really easy to turn on the TV, or spend time on social media over reading when your kids are not awake. This can be especially true if you’ve had a long and difficult day. Have your Kindle close by, in a place you can easily grab it as part of your routine in order to make reading happen.

During Nap Time

If you’re lucky enough that your child is taking a nap, then you can take advantage of the time as well. After your child is settled, grab a book, sit back, and enjoy. You might find that a good book in the middle of the day is a great way to really pull yourself out of the craziness of parenting and help to rejuvenate yourself for the work ahead.

Working Out

If you have a workout routine, then including audiobooks in your workout is a great way to listen to a book. It allows you to knock out two things at once, which is actually pretty hard to do usually. While music can be a great motivator for working out, listening to a book can really help you to keep your mind focused as well.

You can get audiobooks for free through your library generally. If you’re looking for an even simpler option though, Audible is a great choice to listen with. You can download whatever book you want (including the latest releases) for a monthly subscription. The production quality of audiobooks these days is generally excellent, and we highly recommend them.


The best times to read as a parent are generally when your kids aren’t around. If you want to find even more times to read, check out our article on finding time to read as a parent.


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