Tell Your Kids You Love Them

Tell Your Kids You Love Them


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Make sure your kids know that you love them, not just by showing them, but by telling them as well.

Kids can often be a lot of work, they can make you mad, and that can make life very frustrating sometimes. On the other hand, kids can bring more joy than most anything else in this world. They can make you laugh at the craziest of times, and they can make you feel as happy as you’ve ever felt in your life. There are so many highs and lows in parenting.

Your kids are very smart and attentive. They will often know when you’re sad, or if you’re having a bad day. They’ll know when you’re mad and upset. They are able to recognize these emotions much easier than many adults. 

Children themselves are emotional, and very emotionally connected. They can go from being extremely happy to extremely sad very quickly. They are learning to control their emotions, and they are not afraid to let them show. Raising your kids is not just about physically protecting them, but also helping them learn all about those emotions.

In these early and formative years, it’s extremely important that you are teaching your children all about their emotions, what they are, and how to control them. Additionally, because they are learning about emotions, it is the perfect time to teach children about loving other people and what that means.

Telling your kids that you love them is important - not just showing them, but actually telling them. Teaching your children how to express emotions is an important piece of their emotional growth. Telling them that you actually love them, giving them a hug, and making sure they can feel that love from you will help them to become a much more well rounded person.

For many parents, telling their child that they love them will come naturally. For others, it will be anything but natural. This is often because of the way that they were raised and the lack of emotional expression in their home. If you struggle to express your love to your children, then you need to reflect and figure out why this is the case - counseling may be needed as well. While your kids may know that you love them, there will likely be resentment as they grow older because you don’t express that emotion.

Expressing your emotions is not a feminine or girly thing to do - it is not a gender specific action. It’s a human action - every human can and should express their emotions. If you’re being told otherwise, or you have a strong feeling otherwise, then you need to stop and evaluate why that is. Emotions are part of every human, and love is a natural part of you as a human being. Expressing your emotions, even love, is core to every one of us.

As your children grow older, your expressions of love may come less often, but they should come regardless. You may have to work harder at finding the opportunities, but reminding your children that you love them, even in the bad times can go a long way as your children continue to grow. Don’t be afraid to let them hear that from you, even if they may act like they don’t want to hear it.

Telling your kids you love them on a regular and consistent basis is extremely important as a parent. Find every way you can to overcome the barriers that may be stopping you from doing so.


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