Kids Eat Everything

Kids Eat Everything


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If it fits in their mouth (and even if it doesn’t), they’ll likely give it a try.

There’s a reason that you have to keep your eye on your child at almost all times while they’re little, especially when you’re not at home. Kids are curious. They are learning all about the world and trying to figure out what they can and can’t do. They don’t understand when something should be picked up or not. They don’t understand if you’re allowed to eat certain things or not - they’re simply learning.

There are times where this is harmless. Is it the end of the world if they chew on the pillow or blanket? Probably not. However, there are some pretty disgusting things that kids will put into their mouths. You’ll want to try to keep many things that they’ll put in their mouth, but invariably they’ll get some things in there that you wish they wouldn’t. Kids are pretty resilient though, so don’t freak out too much.

Of course, there are some things that are dangerous for you kids to eat. If they eat these things, then you absolutely need to watch them extra carefully afterwards. For example, something like a button battery can have severe damage to your child’s insides. They also can choke on these items as well pretty easily. The same goes for coins. Watch your child closely if they swallow something that’s dangerous.

More often than not though, you’ll likely be looking at something disgusting that they’ve eaten. There will be plenty of food that’s old that goes in their mouth, but that’s not really too bad compared to some of the other things they’ll do. For example, you may find that you have a human mop on your hands when your child goes to lick the floors around the house - you never know what tasty thing they may find.

In your own home, you have at least a little bit of control about what’s on the floor - at the very least you know what has been on your floor. They’ll happily lick their hands if they touch something sticky at the park. If it tastes good, they’ll gladly go back in for more as well. Older kids will do this too, not just your toddler and baby. It’s one of the main reasons to make sure you always have baby wipes with you.

Food and floors are one thing, but at some point they may move to insects and other items around the home they may find. Little bugs will go in the mouth and be swallowed. Worms will be licked (perhaps even eaten). Slugs might taste good - they’ll let you know for sure. Other insects are also open game if they can get their hands on them. Just make sure they don’t choke on them.

If you think insects are gross, there’s still the other candy looking substances that they find outside on the ground all over the place. They may think it’s chocolate or some other candy, only to find out that it tastes nothing like that. Animal poop can often go into the mouth if you’re not making sure they don’t put it in their mouth. Gross. Plenty of kids have eaten animal poop and survived to the surprise of their parents.

Those are just a few of the things that they’ll put in their mouth. There are even worse things, and not so bad things. Watch your kids closely and take them to the doctor if needed. Otherwise, enjoy watching them try disgusting things.


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