Child Care is Expensive

Child Care is Expensive


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If you’re looking for both parents to work, be prepared to pay.

You’re probably aware that child care is quite expensive. There’s no getting around it - having someone else take care of your child during the day is going to cost you. There are income levels which will qualify for some government assistance in this area, but the limits are pretty low, and so many parents end up being stuck with the cost. Be prepared to pay a decent amount for daycare.

Before you send your child to daycare, you really need to sit down and put together a list of the pros and cons to the decision. You need to figure out if the additional cost to have them watched after is worth it in the long run - oftentimes it is, but understanding what those costs are up front will at least have you prepared to pay for them. Don’t just blindly assume that the price will be worth it.

If you have more than one child, you can often get a small discount on having two children in daycare, but the costs will still be pretty high depending on where you live. For some areas, you’re going to pay more to have your children in daycare each month then you do for your own rent or mortgage. Yes, you’re paying more for your kids childcare then you are for the place that you live.

Of course, it’s important that you put your child in a daycare location which is safe and well regarded, so that price can be worth it. Once you’ve found a daycare that takes care of your child and does a really good job, the price is worth it. However, not everyone can afford the top of the line daycare. You’ll have to figure out what you can actually afford. Look around for the best options.

Of course, not putting your child in daycare means that you need someone that can watch your child during the day. Unless you have a parent who can watch them, that will mean that one of the child’s parents will have to be a stay at home parent. While this may make sense financially, it can also be a tough decision as there are potential career opportunities that will be left on the table by staying out of the workforce.

Some daycares also take years to get accepted into. Often these are the most expensive daycares, but depending on where you live, daycares may simply be so in need that you can’t find space. Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done - daycare services really need further assistance at the government level to be fixed, but outside of that you’re going to have to likely stay at home with your child.

Start looking for daycares early and figure out what the pricing is going to be on the options you do have available as soon as you can. These details are going to be important in helping you make your decision as to whether or not your child will attend daycare or if you’re going to be a stay at home parent. Many parents choose to pay more than they make to put their child in daycare, but you need to figure out if that’s financially possible for you or not.

Childcare costs in the United States are quite insane. Don’t be surprised if you pay more than your rent or mortgage to have your child taken care of each month.


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