Scooter For Kids

Scooter For Kids


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Scooters are a quick and fun way for kids to get around.

Kids love to ride on things with wheels. Whether you’re pushing them in a stroller, or they’re riding around on their own on tricycle or bike, they simply enjoy the feeling of moving around without having to walk. As adults, it’s also a lot of fun to ride on wheels as well. While you may use a bike to get from point A to point B, you should simply try going for a leisurely ride and see how good it feels.

Of course, it will take a few years before your child can safely ride a bike. You should definitely consider getting them a balance bike early on to help them make the transition into a regular bike go a bit more smoothly. Until they reach the bike age though, getting them something else with wheels to ride around is a good idea if you can manage it. One of our favorite toys for kids is the scooter.

Scooters are great because they allow your child to ride around safely, but also be right on the ground in case they need to bail. That doesn’t mean that scooters aren’t dangerous - kids should absolutely still wear their helmet when riding them. It does mean that there’s less likelihood that they’re going to fall over and get into a serious injury though, as long as they’re not messing around.

Scooters are also generally easier for younger kids as well, especially scooters that have more than two wheels that balance themselves. On a bike, a child has to learn to pedal the wheels. This can take a bit of coordination that your child may not yet possess. It also requires some decent strength in the legs that not all kids have. If your child struggles with pedals, then a scooter is a great alternative.

In terms of what scooter to get, we’d highly recommend something simple to start. There’s no reason to get the top of the line toys unless you know your child will use it, and actually needs it. We prefer these scooters which allow the handlebars to go up and down and which allow for better balance for young children. While they’re a little harder to steer, they are safer for younger kids as well.

These scooters actually do allow for a quick turn, but it will take a bit of practice. Our kids can take some pretty sharp turns on these scooters, but they couldn’t when we first got them. It’s pretty incredible what a 3 year old can do on this thing though and stay fairly safe while doing so. It only took about 3 weeks of riding before he was all over the place on this thing, and now he easily keeps away from his older brother.

Make sure that your child wears a helmet regardless of what scooter your child is riding. Just because a scooter is safer than a bike doesn’t mean that you should remove another safety precaution. You never know when your child might accidentally get moving too fast and be unable to stop. Similarly, if there are other kids around, your child may run into someone else who isn’t paying attention.

If you want to get a fun toy for your child that lets them ride on it, then consider a scooter. It’s one of the most fun ways for a person to move around on wheels. Get your scooter now.

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