Panini Maker For Sandwiches

Panini Maker For Sandwiches


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If your kids are tired of the same foods you make everyday, change it up with a panini maker.

Our kids will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day it seems like. They most certainly will eat peanut butter and honey for breakfast. At the same time, they don’t usually want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch after having had peanut butter as part of their breakfast, so at least they like a little bit of variety.

Beyond that, as a parent and adult, you probably also do not want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day. Most days you probably do eat a lot of the same things your kids eat. However, that also means that you’re probably sick of some of the same food every single day as well. Making something healthy and tasty for lunch is always nice as a parent.

If you want to upgrade your lunches, without a lot of work, you can simply buy a panini maker. A panini maker can help to spice up your standard sandwich, and make you feel like you’ve moved into a higher level of sandwich. While you're not really doing anything different, your sandwich will simply feel like you've upped your game.

There are a lot of options (as there are for most things) for panini makers. Unless you're really looking to make top of the line panini sandwiches, there's not really any reason to buy the expensive ones to start. As is usually the case with household items, make sure you are actually going to use the item first before going all out. A simple sandwich maker like this will do the trick to start.

In terms of what you can actually make inside of the panini maker there are a lot of options. Basically, you can make a regular sandwich out of it, you can put it into the sandwich maker. Yes, you can make peanut butter and jelly panini if you want to as well - there’s nothing stopping you from doing so (it can actually be pretty tasty). Of course, a toasted sandwich with ham or turkey may be a bit tastier coming out of there as well.

Another tasty kids sandwich that you can make in a panini maker is a grilled cheese sandwich, but add a slice of deli meat as well (ham or turkey). Of course, if your kids will eat vegetables, then include any of those as well - a slice of avocado on most any sandwich with meat can also make it feel like you’ve gone to a sandwich place for your meals. If your kids will eat it, absolutely include it.

There is really no end to the types of sandwiches you can make in a panini maker. From a standard sandwich to dessert sandwiches, you can make most anything you want. Don’t be afraid to try some different recipes in there - you might be surprised by what your kids will eat.

Give a panini maker a try. Your kids might be excited to eat their meals, and perhaps you can also enjoy eating with them as well. Upgrade your sandwich making level without much additional work on your part.


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