Breakfast for Kids: Peanut Butter and Honey

Breakfast for Kids: Peanut Butter and Honey


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This is part of our breakfast series: simple and healthy breakfast ideas that can be made quickly for busy parents. Skip the cereal everyday, and help build a healthy foundation for yourself and your kids.

Peanut butter and honey

From my youth, peanut butter and honey for breakfast was always a staple in our home - we’d eat it at least once a week. My father grew up eating a lot of peanut butter and honey on homemade bread when he was younger, and he passed that down to his kids.

Is this the healthiest breakfast in our series? Most definitely not. However, it’s probably one of the tastiest, and it’s also quite easy (and fun) to make.

This isn’t your standard peanut butter and honey - you don’t just grab two slices of bread, put peanut butter and honey on, and then eat it. No, no, NO! That doesn’t even sound that appetizing. The biggest problem with that is that it’s just too much bread. You’ll barely be able to taste the goodness by doing that.

No, this breakfast is more of an art. Don’t make stick figures out of the peanut butter and honey breakfast sandwich.

That’s not to say this is hard breakfast to make - it will take some work to get it right, but it’s not really hard and the only thing you’d mess up is how big of a mess you make while making it.


Choose your favorite type of bread. There’s not really anything special you need for the bread in this. Standard white, wheat, or otherwise are all fine. 

For peanut butter, I’d recommend natural peanut butter, simply because it’s healthier. When I was younger, we always used regular peanut butter, and I will admit, it’s easier to mix, but it’s simply not as good for you because of the hydrogenated oil. In terms of cream or crunchy, I'll leave that debate up to you and your family.

Finally, most any honey will do for this as well. You need to be able to mix it with the peanut butter, so as long as it’s not solid, you should be fine (microwave it if your honey has crystallized).

One additional item that can be added is margarine. I’ve done it before, but prefer not to as it doesn’t really add anything in terms of taste to the sandwich for me, but I have family who prefers it that way.

How to make the sandwich

Step 1: The toast

Choose your favorite type of bread, and drop it in the toaster. Get it to the darkness that you like your bread toasted. Let it cool down for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next step.

This step is critical because our bread these days is so soft and flimsy. If you have a more firm bread, then toasting isn’t necessary.

Step 2: The peanut butter and honey

Peanut butter and honey on bread

Assuming a standard piece of white bread, scoop out (with a butter knife) 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter directly onto your bread. Make a mountain in the middle of the bread.

In the middle of the mountain of the peanut butter, create a hole (kind of like a large volcano). Inside of that hole pour honey, generously. It’s alright if it spills over a bit.

Step 3: Mix and spread

Peanut butter and honey

Get mixing your peanut butter and honey quickly after pouring the honey in. You’ll have to scrape your bread a bit (thus the need for it to be toasted). You want the peanut butter and honey mixed well together or else the honey will be falling off the edges.

Once it’s mixed well, spread it out across the surface of the bread. Depending on how much peanut butter you started with, that will determine the height of your spread - I always liked getting a huge amount on there when I was younger, but for my kids, I give them a smaller amount.

Step 4: Eat

It’s ready to eat. For my youngest child, I cut into 4 smaller pieces as it’s a bit hard to hold otherwise. I like a cup of milk with mine, especially if there’s a lot of peanut butter on there.

Alternative method

If you’re having trouble with the mixing step and can’t get it down, mixing the peanut butter and honey together separately won’t hurt anyone. It’s not as fun to do it that way (and takes the art out of it a bit), but it’s definitely faster, and easier, especially if you’re making multiple sandwiches. I like to mix it while the bread is toasting.


Enjoy a simple and tasty breakfast, and perhaps your kids will enjoy watching you mix that peanut butter and honey together.


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