Keep Your Coffee Black

Keep Your Coffee Black


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Don’t drink your calories. Black coffee is the way to go.

Some people have to drink coffee every single day - the majority of people drink coffee to help keep themselves awake and going. Drinking coffee may be expensive, especially if you’re going to the coffee shop for it, but it doesn’t have to be a boon on your diet. Keep your coffee black, and you can drink as much coffee as you’d like.

Drinking your calories is one of the worst ways to consume calories - calories in liquid form are absolutely not filling in any way. They won’t provide you with enough energy to keep going, and you’re going to invariably overeat on your calorie goals. Whether it’s coffee or any other drink, you absolutely must be looking for alternatives if your current diet includes drinks with calories in them.

Coffee is a drink that many people simply cannot do without. It’s often the first thing that people will do in the morning (get their coffee) and will often be something they drink throughout the day. While it’s generally not a good idea to become overly addicted to any single food or substance, this article isn’t really about that. If you want to cut down on your caffeine intake, then you’ll need to work through different ways to do that (drink more water).

If you’re drinking plenty of coffee, you should both make your own coffee and drink it black. By drinking your coffee black, you’re keeping yourself from drinking your calories and still filling your caffeine needs. If you’re used to filling your coffee with all kinds of sugar and creamers, you’ll want to slowly cut back on that. You should start replacing these items with either nothing, or no calorie alternatives. Using a bit of stevia or splenda in place of sugar is probably the simplest way to add a little sweetness to your daily coffee intake.

If you really just love the taste of coffee, but don’t really need the caffeine, then replace some of your coffee intake with other coffee flavored products. There are plenty of protein powders that are coffee or mocha flavored that will pack a nice protein punch along with your coffee flavor.

Beyond drinking black coffee, you should do your best to make your own coffee as well. Buying coffee every single day will add up very quickly. If you’re at home all day, this is generally a bit easier to do since you’ll have your coffee maker right there. If you have to go to the office each day then use the coffee machine that they have in the office (many do) or else bring your own coffee machine if one isn’t provided. While it’s not as convenient, you’ll easily save hundreds of dollars a year by making and preparing your own coffee on a regular basis.

Don’t be afraid to drink your coffee black. Doing so allows you to continue to drink as much coffee as you want without worrying about your calorie intake.


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