Listen To Your Child’s Teacher

Listen To Your Child’s Teacher


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Teachers are trained in teaching children, and often their advice will really help your child.

As parents, we often feel like we know everything there is to know about our kids. There is no question that we know our child best in terms of many parts of their life. We spend hours on end with our kids every week, and we spend a lot of energy trying to raise them to be the very best that we can. Parenting is hard, and we want the best for our children - you know you are a good parent when you are trying to give them every benefit that you can.

While we know our children the very best, there are parts of life that we simply are not experts in. It’s in places like this that we must learn to listen to the experts and weigh their recommendations and opinions to decide how to raise our children. You may be an expert in certain areas, but there are other places that you’re not an expert. Being able to take recommendations about your child is important.

There are a few places in your child’s life where this is important. The first place you experience this is with your child’s pediatrician. Unless you’re a doctor yourself, you likely don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge about medicine. Your doctor on the other hand has seen hundreds or thousands of children, and they went to school in order to treat children. They know a lot more about the best options than you probably do.

That doesn’t mean you’ll blindly follow your doctor with everything they say, but at the same time you’re probably likely to listen to what they have to say. If you’re uncomfortable with what they are recommending, then you’ll go for a second opinion with a different pediatrician. However, you generally won’t make a rash decision about your child’s health without getting recommendations from the experts.

While most parents will take the recommendations of their pediatrician seriously, more often than not, we act like we know everything about our child’s education. We believe that our child is the smartest person out there and that they should be in the best classes and most advanced classes. To some degree this makes sense - we want to give our child every opportunity to get ahead that we can.

However, education of kids isn’t quite as simple as we may want to make it. Putting your child into a class that’s way over their head can be even more detrimental to their learning than to putting them in a class that’s behind their current level. This is because your child may become overwhelmed and just give up trying because there’s no way that can understand what’s going on.

When it comes to education, it’s important to listen to your child’s teacher and educators to figure out the best path for them. Similar to your child’s doctor, they are generally trying to make the best recommendations for your child. They have education and experience in their respective areas. At the very least, you should strongly consider what they’re saying and look for a second opinion from a qualified professional if you’re unsure.

Teachers want your child to succeed, just the same way as you want them to. To help your child get ahead, you want them to love learning, and you want them to have the best chance of success. That doesn’t always mean putting them in the most advanced classes. Consult with your child’s educators to give them the best opportunities in their learning path.


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