Terrarium For Kids

Terrarium For Kids


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Watching things grow, even in the winter, is a fun activity for kids.

Kids love to watch things grow. Seeing something go from one state to another is a pretty fascinating thing to watch, and your child will enjoy seeing it happen. It’s usually pretty hard to see this in action though. While you can see how things change in the world, it’s tough to keep focus on something long enough to actually recognize that change happening in real time - you’ll only see it later.

Recently my son received a terrarium as a gift, and he has been fascinated by it. If you’re unfamiliar with a terrarium, it’s an enclosure that contains soil and plants that is usually covered in glass or plastic. It can open up as well to let in air from outside, but it’s a miniature ecosystem where plants or insects live and grow. They’re meant to be kept indoors, and allow for life to grow within them.

There are all kinds of different terrariums available, but for a child you’ll probably want to avoid the decorative glass versions. While they might like how it looks, it’s also really easy for them to break and shatter. You can look at one of those terrariums at a later date if your child wants to stick with it for the long term. Generally, a plastic terrarium that is aimed at kids is going to be a better option.

By far our favorite terrarium is this one. This is the perfect starting terrarium for kids to grow into larger or more advanced terrariums. This terrarium isn’t too large, but it grows well and it looks cool to start, so your child will be more inclined to watch and enjoy it. If you get something that has nothing in it or doesn’t light up, then you can expect that your child probably won’t be too interested in the thing to start.

If you’re up for letting your child put insects into the terrarium, then you can go for it, but we advise against it. You really don’t want bugs all over the house because your child has decided to open the terrarium up. You get enough bugs in the house from your kids during the summer simply by keeping the door open too long. Leave the bugs out of it and you won’t have to worry about a no fun experience.

This terrarium grows quite fast if you take care of it and follow the instructions provided. It’s fun for both you and your child to be able to see nature in action. You’ll get to see the thing start from basically nothing (except the little bunny) and turn into a little jungle like area. While it won’t happen overnight, it’s still much easier to see how things grow and how light makes that process even faster in this little toy.

It’s really easy to set this terrarium up as well. They have some basic instructions in the box, but you basically layer the rocks on the bottom of the jar, and then you close it and let it do its thing. It’s definitely not complicated, and it’s a toy we really like. It’s both fun and educational. Finding toys that will help your child to learn are the best option as kids are much more inclined to learn when they’re enjoying it.

If you’re looking for a way to help your child learn more about nature, and have a fun toy to see it in action, then look for a terrarium. Get yours now.


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