Going to the Library With Kids

Going to the Library With Kids


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One of our favorite activities is heading to the library with the kids. We can find books for ourselves to read, and we instill a love of books in the kids.

Our local library is one of my favorite places to spend time. I’m not sure what it is about the place, but it’s an oddly comforting feeling for me to be surrounded by books. From the smell of books to the soft whispering to the rows of books, the library is simply an enjoyable place to spend time.

I used to go to the library by myself - I’d leave the kids at home and head to the library to get the books that I wanted to read. It made for simple trips, and I was able to not have to worry about keeping the kids quiet. I’ve since learned that I really should have been taking them the whole time.

As you may or may not be aware, the library has all kinds of different programs and resources available to you, completely free (well, you pay for the library with your city taxes). Beyond books, most libraries will have e-books and audiobooks available, online video services, and online learning programs. They’ll have plenty of classes and other learning opportunities. Go visit your libraries website to discover all that’s available.

Beyond all of those services, every library that I’ve been to (which isn’t a lot, to be honest) has a lot of great opportunities for kids as well. They host multiple activities throughout the month, have toys available for play, and resources to help children learn all about the library. Below are some of our favorite things to do at the library with the kids.

Search for books with kids

We like to choose a topic and go exploring with the kids to see what we can find. We may look up on the computer where it should be, but our library isn’t that big, and we generally know where things are at this point. We’ll head to the area and look for books on a specific topic.

We also like to help the kids understand where things are in the library. Our youngest, only 2, doesn’t understand, but it’s still interesting to show them and start them understanding that books have different purposes and meanings.

Go to story time for toddlers

You’ll have to check your local library's calendar for when this is, but it’s usually in the middle of the morning or afternoon. The books will be targeted towards younger children as it’s meant for a place that you can bring your non school age children to enjoy a story. It’s fun for the little ones to enjoy some time listening with others that are their same age.

Check out the toys for kids

This is one of the top highlights for our kids. Our local library has about 20 different items that they can borrow and play with while at the library. They have blocks, cars, magnets, and many more toys. We make the kids borrow them by themselves - take the cards that show the item they want, and hand it to the librarian to borrow. Our youngest has just started doing this on his own as well.

Normally, there are several other kids that will come and play as well with ours. We keep them quiet, but they just like being somewhere other than home to play.

Do the different activities available for kids

Many nights a week, our library will have some type of activities for the kids, or another reading time. We like to head over for those so the kids can enjoy them. Another favorite activity that happens every other month or so is a hunt for different pictures that have been hidden among the books. The kids get a paper with pictures that they then have to find scattered around the children’s section of the library. At the end, they usually get a little treat of some kind (dum-dums or similar).


For a simple trip, head over to the library with your kids. Teach them about the different opportunities available at the library, and take advantage of them yourself.


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