Why You Should Read

Why You Should Read


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Reading lets you relax while keeping your mind engaged.

Reading is an excellent way to relax your mind and let it get away from many of the stresses that you face on a daily basis. Every single day, we face many challenges and stressful situations as we navigate through work and raising our children. While you can go several days in a high stress world, you’ll be far less likely to burn out if you take some time to yourself to relax and do something enjoyable.

You should spend any free time that you have doing something productive and relaxing. While it’s nice to just sit in front of the TV or looking at your phone, it’s also a bit counterproductive as well. Your mind simply shuts off in these situations, and often your head will come out hurting more simply from watching a screen. Screens put more stress on your eyes and brain when you stare at them.

Finding a hobby that you can do without the need for a LCD screen will make your time of relaxation more effective. Rather than straining your eyes, you want to help them relax as well during your free time. Furthermore, looking at social media in your free time is generally not a great use of your time as there is so much misinformation that is spread on it - there are far better ways to spend your time.

Reading is perhaps one of the simplest ways to spend your free time. You don’t need a lot of materials or space. You simply need a book and somewhere to sit or lay down to read. If you have a Kindle, or other e-reader, then you can basically read anywhere you want without the need for even an extra light. E-readers have e-ink screens which are far easier to look at than an LCD screen.

Reading doesn’t require a bunch of time either. Even if you’re only getting 10 minutes of free time, you can make a decent dent in your book during that period. There’s not a big setup or cleanup process that may come with other hobbies that you enjoy, so you don’t need a lot of dedicated time. You also don’t have to worry about your kids getting into your stuff - if they want to read a book then you can get them something to read as well.

Reading also engages your mind and allows you to escape from the worries that you’re dealing with. Unlike TV or social media, you have to actively engage with your brain on what’s going on, and depending on the book that you’re reading you can feel like you’re in a completely different world than where you actually are. It allows you to travel to different places without actually leaving your one home.

Grabbing a book during your free time is also a great way to help your children see that reading is something that you find important and enjoy. All too often children see us looking at our phones or watching the TV, and they’ll want to do the same thing. It’s no wonder that very young kids are begging for phones these days as that’s what most adults are doing. Rather than focusing on your phone, focus on a book.

Grab a book for reading. Enjoy getting lost in a different world for a few minute each day in order to relax your mind and let go of some the worries you may have.


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