5 Reasons to Read as a Parent

5 Reasons to Read as a Parent


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Reading is great for everyone, kids and parents alike.

Finding time for yourself and your hobbies is hard as a parent. You likely often find it hard to do much on your own while your kids are still young, and you’ll probably find yourself exhausted even if you do have some free time. Even when you have the time, getting motivated to do something useful can be a bit of a struggle.

However, we have found that reading during your free time is one of the best ways to get yourself back on track and keep you motivated. Below are 5 reasons that you should read as a parent.

1. Take a break from the kids

Reading is a great way to get away from the kids for a break. It forces you to actually get away from them for a bit in order to focus. Reading is better than a phone in the sense that you can’t simply pick up a book for a minute and look at it easily. You’re forced to actually get engaged in the book which means you’ll need to make some more time for actually reading.

2. Show your kids the importance of reading

When your kids see you reading, they’ll realize that it’s something that’s important to you. If you’re just sitting on the couch watching TV, or spending time on social media or your phone in your free time, they’ll think those are the most important things to you (because they are).

Reading is such a critical skill for kids to be able to function well in society and be successful. Teaching the kids the importance of reading is often difficult, especially if you’re not reading yourself. When you’re trying to get away from things, sit down and read so that your kids can see you read.

3. Calm yourself down

Reading can be extremely calming. Unlike social media which often will frustrate you or make you angry or upset, reading is a great way to calm your mind. While it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, oftentimes those things will stress you out more than help you to actually calm down.

Grab a book and enjoy some time away from the world by putting your mind into a different place. Books are great to get away from the worries and problems that you are experiencing. They do a much better job of that than most other forms of media.

4. Learn something new

Not all reading has to be for fun or to get away from the world. Perhaps there are new skills that you want to learn, or how to be a better parent or worker. Whatever the case may be, reading can help you to become better at something beyond just calming your mind. Read a book to learn new skills.

Also, reading historical books about events or figures from our past is a great way to appreciate many of the things that you have in your own life. You may be surprised at some of the struggles and sufferings of our past, and reading about them is a great way to more fully appreciate what we have.

5. Engage your mind

Reading is a great way to actually use your brain rather than shutting it down completely. Reading is far less passive than many other forms of entertainment that you consume in the home. Reading a book will help to keep your mind sharp even while taking a break from your kids.


Books are one of the best ways to take a break from your kids and learn something new. Next time you take a break, grab a book to enjoy during your free time.


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