Focus On the Simple Things

Focus On the Simple Things


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Don’t wait for big events in life - enjoy the simple everyday parts of it.

It’s easy to get depressed and frustrated as a parent. It’s hard work. There are days that are easier than others, but it’s not a simple job to be a parent. You’ll find many days where you’ve not slept enough, or times where no one wants to listen to you. You’ll put hours of work in during a day cooking and cleaning, and no one will give any appreciation for your work. It’s easy to find the negative sides of parenting.

You may wonder why parenting is something that people post good things about - what really makes parents happy to be a parent? Don’t focus on the negative. Focus on the simple but positive things of everyday life that are good about parenting. If you’re only focusing on what’s bad, you’re going to find more and more bad things about life. Focus on the things that make your life good.

Your child is healthy and happy. Many parents out there can’t say that. When your child gives you a hug, cherish and focus on that. When they do say “Thank You” and show appreciation, remember that and praise them for it. Enjoy the times that they laugh or smile. Give them hugs as much as they let you. Sit and talk with them about how their day is truly going - what upset them and what made them happy.

Kids will never be perfect. They will always disappoint you. They will always frustrate you. They often will make meeting your personal goals in life that are unrelated to them much more difficult to achieve. These are all things that are part of parenting. If you focus on only the negative, you’re going to miss all of the best parts of parenting - the simple everyday things that happen in life as they grow up.

One of the primary reasons that parents struggle with parenting is because they are focused on the lost opportunities. You’re not able to go out with your friends whenever you want, and you can’t do the things that you enjoy doing all of the time. You have other responsibilities as a parent. If you’re focused on lost opportunity, you’re going to be disappointed and often depressed.

Rather than focusing on lost opportunities, focus on the opportunities that you have available to you because of your children. How can you help them reach their goals and become the best they can be? How can you teach them to become better in their education? There are so many chances to help your child become better and find new passions in life. You’ve got to change your focus to them though.

You still have time for yourself as well. Make sure you’re taking time each week to do things that you enjoy as well. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t do anything that you love. Yes, you’ll do those things less than you did before, but doing things that make you happy will help you to stay motivated as you do things that you don’t enjoy doing. Make time for yourself every week.

Focus on the simple and enjoyable parts of parenting rather than imagining what might have been. Work on what you can control, and enjoy the simple things with your child.


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