Boys Will be Curious

Boys Will be Curious


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All kids will be curious about themselves - it’s normal.

As kids grow bigger, they will start to become curious about their bodies - it’s absolutely normal. It’s also one of those topics that you don’t see a lot of content on as it’s a bit uncomfortable to talk about. It’s part of life though, and many parents may wonder what’s normal for their kids.

As I don’t have any girls, and I’m not a girl, this article will focus on boys. Girls are likely similar in how they act and what they wonder but I’d prefer not to give any false information. Boys are certainly where I’ve got expertise in this area.

As your child grows older they will start to wonder what their different body parts are for. In particular, they will often be a bit curious about their private parts - they’ll want to touch it, perhaps touch it on to different things, and to keep their underwear and pants off. Being naked is fun to them. You’ll likely have to continue to remind them to keep their pants on.

While this isn’t too concerning when they’re 2 or 3 years old, as they get to the age where they’re heading to school you’ll want to make sure that they have a firm understanding that their private parts are theirs alone and others should not be seeing (or touching) them in any way. Your doctor should review this with them at yearly check ups and you should reinforce this as well. Child molestation is a serious issue, and you want to make sure your kid understands how to handle this if it ever happens to them - make sure they know that they can talk to you about their private parts anytime.

Usually around age 5, a child will become even more curious about their private parts. It’s important to realize that boys may show their penis to other boys their own age or that they may even touch (or let their own penis be touched). This is actually very common among young boys as they work to understand human anatomy. If your child plays with other boys their own age (or a bit older than them), you’ll want to keep a close eye on them.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll do this all of the time. It’s very common for this to be a one time occurrence as they explore learning about themselves. You should absolutely talk to your child about this experience if you become aware of it. You should not punish them, but you should reiterate the importance of their private parts being their own, and make sure that the other parents know that this experience occurred with. Millions of boys have looked at and touched another boy's penis at a young age and grown into well behaved and adjusted adults. You don’t need to freak out, just continue to be a good parent in explaining the importance of your child’s body being their own.

If this experience occurs with a girl, you need to also work with your child in making sure they know about their body parts and a girl’s body parts. You’ll need to explain that girls have different body parts and that they should not be touching it. While it’s more common for boys to see or touch another boy at a young age, it can still occur with a girl as well.

Remember, children are learning and growing. The uncomfortable conversations you have to have with them are often extremely difficult as a parent, but they are also the most critical. Do the best you can to help and teach your child how they should treat their private parts.


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