Toothpaste Dispenser

Toothpaste Dispenser


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Stop letting the kids waste toothpaste.

If your kids are wasting toothpaste when they brush their teeth, know that you’re not alone. Most kids like to squeeze out way more toothpaste than they actually need onto their toothbrush. Of course, they also want to always be the ones that squeeze the toothpaste as well and throw a huge fit when they don’t. Ultimately, you want them to keep brushing their teeth, but want them to use way less toothpaste.

While you can try to talk them into it as much as you want, kids will do their own thing. By far, the best solution that we’ve found is a simple toothpaste dispenser. This little contraption is very basic in nature - it simply keeps the toothpaste from coming out too fast and puts out a reasonable amount of toothpaste for your child’s toothbrush.

The other great thing about this dispenser is that kids seem to like using it as well - it’s basically a little toy for them that controls how much toothpaste that they are able to get on their toothbrush. It’s unlikely that you’ll hear them complaining about having to use it. If anything, you may have to keep them from using it more than one time when it’s time to brush teeth. It’s super simple to just push your toothbrush in there and get the toothpaste on it.

Teaching kids to brush their own teeth can be a bit of a struggle at times. Take the difficulty of trying to guess how much toothpaste that they need on the toothbrush out of it. Instead, you can focus more on the importance of brushing teeth, when to brush their teeth, and making sure they get all of their teeth clean (especially those back ones). 

If you’re just getting started on teaching kids to brush their own teeth, you may find kids just like to eat the toothpaste.This is quite normal - toothpaste is quite tasty usually and your kids will just want to suck it down and eat it. This is the first challenge you’ll likely encounter as you work through teeth brushing for kids.

The next challenge you’ll generally encounter is that your kids don’t want to actually brush the teeth. It’s much simpler just to stick the toothbrush in the mouth and let it sit there. They may get two quick brushes, but that’s all that they’ll get and then they’re done. Teaching them to brush for a decent amount of time will take some work by you. One tip to try is to play a song while your kids brush their teeth. Teach them to sing the ABC song, for example, in their head. To start, turn the song on your phone for them to brush along with.

Finally, you’ll often find that kids will simply forget to brush their teeth at night. The best way to overcome this is to have a regular bedtime and morning routine that you run them through. Bedtime is extremely important to be consistent with so that your kids will go to sleep when it’s time. Including brushing your teeth as part of this should be quite easy to do - add it at the beginning of the routine and have it done every night. Mornings may be a bit tougher. If you need, set up a simple reminder in your home smart device such as an Amazon Echo.

Teach your kids to brush their teeth and to use the correct amount of toothpaste as part of it. A simple toothpaste dispenser is an easy way to help control the toothpaste that your kids use. You might find yourself using it as well.


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