Walking and Reading

Walking and Reading


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Go for a walk and listen to your book.

Get out of the house. The weather is nice, and after a long day at home with the kids, getting outside and enjoying the weather is a great way to decompress. Something about fresh air and breathing in all of the smells from the world simply help remove a lot of the worries that you have. You’ll be able to actually destress and feel much better. Get outside and go for a walk, with or without your kids.

If you’re headed out alone, then taking your favorite book along for the walk is a great way to get in some extra reading while moving. While you may be comfortable reading a physical book while walking (I do it all the time actually, but it takes a bit of practice and it depends on where you’re walking), you’re probably better off taking your audiobook with you so that you can listen and walk.

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to get through a book that you wouldn’t normally otherwise be able to read. Over half of the books that I read in a year are audiobooks. Oftentimes I find that I actually get more out of an audiobook than a physical book simply because it’s often easier to listen to an audiobook at different times throughout the day and the week.

If your kids are coming with you on a walk, then an audiobook may be your only option for reading while walking. There’s no way you can walk and keep an eye on your child safely while reading a book as well. If your child is going in the stroller then popping in your headphones and pushing the stroller along is a perfect way to spend a bit of time in the evening to get some fresh air and exercise.

Of course, if your child is old enough to talk and carry a conversation, then simply walking with them and talking is also a great way to spend time with your child. You may find that your child is more willing to open up to you while walking then if you were just sitting at home on the couch or at the table. Getting extra oxygen to the brain often helps them (and you) to want to talk more and open up.

Walking is a great tool to help with weight loss and to help keep your body in good shape. If you walk everyday for at least 20 minutes, you’re going to find that you have more energy than if you don’t. You’ll also find that over time it’s easier to do many of the physical activities that you may have previously struggled with. Walking, while not overly strenuous, is a great form of cardio to help keep you healthy.

Make sure to mix your walks up a little bit as well. Don’t always follow the same path. You’ll find that you get bored if you walk the exact same route every day, and your child probably will as well. Try to mix it up a little bit each day - even if that means that you’re simply walking in the other direction, you’ll find that things look very different coming at them from the opposite way. Make your walks enjoyable.

Head out for a walk as often as you can. Bring a book along for the ride, and make solid use of the time that you have.


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