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If you drink a lot of soda, switch to a Sodastream.

Drinking soda is a great way to completely blow through the number of calories that you are supposed to eat in a day. The amount of calories in a single can of soda is absolutely insane. If you’re a fan of soda, or your kids are, then finding ways to cut the soda out of your diet will go a long way in your diet and health. It's time to make the change.

The first step to cutting down the number of calories that your drinking in soda is to move from regular to diet soda. If you’re not already drinking diet soda, it’s time to make the changes. Yes, the flavor is a bit different, but it can literally add years to your life in the long run. This should be the first step in cutting sugary drinks out of your diet.

Once you’ve moved off of regular soda, it’s time to determine how much soda you’re actually drinking. Ideally, you’re drinking a lot of water - water is the best way to quench thirst and easiest for your body to take in. However, if you’re used to drinking sweet drinks, then you probably won’t be able to just drop them.

We recently purchased a Sodastream machine as we were spending a lot of money on sparkling bottled water - we rarely have soda in our home, but we were simply looking for a way to cut back on our bottled water purchases. We didn’t know a ton about the machine before buying it, but it’s already been a huge hit in our home.

The machine itself is very simple. It doesn’t require power or anything - it comes with a canister of CO2 which is used to make your water fizzy. You simply fill a bottle of water up (the bottles come with the machine) and then you push the bottle up on the machine and press a button. The button carbonates your water for you, and you can make it as fizzy or not fizzy as you want.

My wife loves plain sparkling water, and so she drinks a lot more water since we got the machine. She doesn’t add anything into her water, and it tastes just like sparkling water. Additionally, you can purchase different flavors to add to your water that will give it almost any flavor that you want. My son’s favorite is by far the Crush flavors.

The Sodastream machine is very basic, but it can really help to save money and help you to overcome a soda addiction. Try different flavors to see what works best for you. The machine itself comes with a lemo type flavor that is so completely bland that you’ll be right back to soda if it’s what you stick with. Try different water flavors to see what works best for you (definitely try the Crush).

Get a Sodastream machine for your home if you’re spending a lot of money on soda. It will greatly help your budget and your health by replacing soda with healthier alternatives. Get yours now.

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