More Breakfast Ideas for Kids

More Breakfast Ideas for Kids


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There is no need to spend hours making breakfast each week - make it simple and healthy.

Breakfast is often one of those meals that you either love to make, or can barely get yourself out of bed in time for. While some people have no problem getting up in the morning, there are plenty of others that really do not want to no matter what. Unfortunately, when you have kids you do not often get much of a choice in the matter - they will often dictate what type of schedule you’ll be running on.

While they’re still young, you’ll need to get up and make them breakfast. Sure, you could just feed them cereal everyday but that’s not generally the healthiest option. It certainly is one of the easiest options though. We’ve covered several simple and healthy breakfast ideas here before, but sometimes your child simply won’t eat those items, or else you’re looking for more variety. Here are a few more simple ideas for breakfasts.

Scrambled eggs

Make a huge batch of scrambled eggs on the weekend, and then portion them out for the week. You can put them in some simple reusable containers and then each day that you want scrambled eggs, you simply pop the container out of the freezer and warm them up. This is a great option for kids that are learning to get their food on their own as well - they don’t have to do much to get it ready.

Another reason this is popular is because you can make the eggs as you like them. Some people really like onions in their eggs, or a certain spice. Some people simply can’t stand anything but the eggs. Whatever way your or your child like the eggs, you can make them as such. We love to put some green onions, and some basic spices in ours, but make them however you like.

Hard-boiled eggs

This is another simple option that you can make at the beginning of the week and then have for the course of the week. You’ll want to make sure it’s quite clear which eggs are boiled and which aren’t if your child is getting their own breakfast in the morning, but otherwise this is a simple and tasty idea. You can eat the egg however you’d like as well - put it on a breakfast sandwich, or cut it over a salad.

Toast and Avocado

This is a popular breakfast for adults, but it’s a great option for kids as well. Avocados are a popular choice as a healthy fat, so it’s no surprise that they’re on this list. If you don’t like them very much, then you can skip this, but you might be surprised when your kids really like them. There’s not really anything special to this recipe - toast some bread and then slice some avocados on the top.

Yogurt and fruit

Another popular breakfast is yogurt. Don’t buy the yogurt that is already sweetened and has fruit in it. If you do, make sure you’re finding those with the least amount of additives. The better option is to buy plain unsweetened yogurt and then to add your own fruit to it. Greek yogurt is a great option as well to add a little more protein, but any variety of plain unsweetened yogurt will do. Basically any fruit is perfect for this recipe.


Grab your plain unsweetened yogurt, and then your child chooses a couple of fruits that they want with it. Put it all into the blender and mix it up. Add a little ice if you’d like to thicken it up, and you have a simple smoothie for your child. A lot of toddlers like to watch the fruit become mixed up in the blender, and you get a healthy option for them for breakfast - it’s a win all around for everyone.


You don’t have to slave over breakfast every single morning to make something healthy for your kids. Prepare food in advance, and use basic ingredients to make tasty breakfasts for your kids.


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