Chew Gum To Curb Your Appetite

Chew Gum To Curb Your Appetite


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There are two ways I’ve found to help my body realize it’s not actually hungry: drinking water, and chewing gum. Simple yet effective.

Water is an excellent way to keep yourself hydrated, and to keep your appetite at bay. Drinking plenty of water is good for your body in general, and it keeps you from drinking less healthy drinks. If you’re not already drinking enough water, then it’s time to get started on doing so.

However, water isn’t always enough, and there are times where you’ll just have had enough water. Just because your mind or mouth is telling you that you're hungry, it doesn’t mean that you actually are. In fact, I find that my mind gets set on some really tasty foods, and then I start to salivate for that food. I’m not actually hungry, it’s just that my body is now set on some specific food.

In order to help slow those cravings down, I like to have some gum close by to put in my mouth. I’ll often quickly find out if I’m actually hungry, or my body is just set on some specific food. I generally find that I’m not actually hungry, and my body just needed a little kick to get over the craving.

Gum seems to do a good job of calming cravings as it has just enough of a sweet flavor for my taste buds to fulfill whatever it is that they’re looking for. I try not to chew the gum for more than a few minutes, just enough to actually calm my cravings down.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing gum that is sugar free, and that isn’t loaded with calories. Chewing a big piece of Bubble Tape isn’t really the solution that you’re going for here. Look for gum with no calories (or less than 5 calories) in a stick. Your goal is to not take in a bunch of calories, but get your taste buds to calm a bit.

Make sure that you find a flavor of gum that you like. If you’re chewing gum that you don’t like the flavor of, you’re not going to use it, or it’s going to have the opposite effect of what you want. If you’re chewing gum you don’t like, it won’t help to tide your appetite - you’ll just want to eat more.

I generally buy a big pack of gum, in a flavor I like, and it will last me for a few months (it actually goes faster as my wife and son like to chew gum as well, but if it was just me it would last much longer). Buying gum in bulk is cheaper, so once you know what you like I’d recommend it - gum’s not going to go bad unless you leave it for years.

One word of warning about gum with kids - make sure to keep it out of their reach. They’re going to want to chew it, and they often don’t know how to. Make sure you’re getting it wrapped up, and thrown away in a garbage can that they can’t get into (at least easily). Kids are enamored by things they’re not supposed to have that go in their mouth, and gum is no exception (plus it has a nice flavor).

Chewing gum is just one trick you can use to help curb your appetite, especially when you’re not actually hungry. It’s simple yet effective to help you meet your calorie goals.

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