Focus on Your Form

Focus on Your Form


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When working out, make sure your form is perfect.

Finding time to workout as a parent is always tough - simply finding time for the things that you enjoy takes a concerted effort. You have to make it a priority in your life, and then you have to sacrifice your time when you do. If you’re making the time to work out, then you should absolutely make the most of your time while actually working out.

Being in the gym can be intimidating, even for an experienced gym goer. You have people who are faster, stronger, and bigger than you are all around you. You feel like you’re small or slow in comparison to them. This is hard to overcome, but you need to stop comparing yourself to them. Your goals shouldn’t focus around those around you - you should be focusing on becoming the best version of yourself.

If you’re trying to compete with those around you, you’re likely going to get into a scenario where you’re compromising your form in your exercises in order to lift more weights or go faster in your cardio workouts. In other words, stop focusing on meeting the same threshold as someone else around you if you’re not able to keep your form up.

Half reps and partial sets in exercises are far less beneficial than completing exercises with a full range of motion. If you’re not able to get a full range of motion in your exercise, drop your ego and your weights so that you can. If you only go half way down on the bench press (or half way up) then you’re losing out on critical muscle building exercises. 

Squatting is notorious for half-reps because it’s so easy to only go part of the way down, and if you don’t have a mirror or camera to look into, you may think you’re getting low enough. Get all the way down on your squats (at least 90 degrees in your knees), and all the way back up. If you need to lower your weight to get there, then do it. Your form is far more important than the total weight you have on the bar.

Form is important across all forms of exercise, not just weight lifting. If you’re into running, proper form will help you to breathe easier, and move faster. In yoga, you’ll be able to get lower in your stances, and hold them longer.

Furthermore, proper form in your workout routine will help you to avoid injuries. If you’re half repping, or you’re bent over improperly, you’re far more likely to injure yourself. If you’re running, and you have improper form, you’re much more likely to injure your feet, back, or legs. In weight training, improper form can lead to a variety of different injuries as well.

Fix your form, and fix your range of motion in your exercises. Going half way down on an exercise is a great way to lose out on important progress. Using improper form can lead to injury much more easily. Don’t miss out on important progress and keep yourself safe.

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