Do the Workout You Want and Can

Do the Workout You Want and Can


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Don’t let other people’s opinion influence your decision to workout.

Some people seem to think that they should have an opinion and say about the things that you’re doing in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, but these people feel that they should make sure you know that you’re doing something wrong according to them. Whether it’s a family member or a friend (hopefully not) or a stranger, they will let you know when you’re not doing things the way they think you should.

Ignore these people. Listen to them if they’re trying to give you real advice and they’re someone you trust, but if they’re simply judging you then you should ignore them. All too often we let the opinions of other people affect what we’re doing so that we look better. We don’t want to hear their judgements so we try to project or do things that aren’t really what we want to be doing - stop trying to please everyone else.

When it comes to working out, do the workouts that you like. There is so much information out there about the “best” exercises to do or the most “effective” exercises to do. The best exercise and the most effective exercise is the exercise that you like to do and will do every single day. Sure, there may be activities that work your heart more effectively or get your muscles bigger, but if they drive you away from working out and you lose your motivation then they’re not effective for you.

Working out should be something that you enjoy doing. It shouldn’t be something that you dread every single day. If you’re doing a routine that’s not fun for you, then find something else that you enjoy. If you continue to do things that you don’t like, eventually you’ll burn yourself out and not be able to find any motivation to workout at all. Don’t try to please other people - please yourself by doing things you enjoy.

Of course you should try new exercises and activities when given the opportunity. If you’ve never lifted weights before, give it a try and see if you like it. But don’t force yourself to do it if you absolutely hate when you’re doing it. Give it a try (at least 2 weeks worth), and then decide if it’s for you. Some activities aren’t fun the first couple of times, but then you figure it out and start to enjoy it.

For those beginning their fitness lifestyle, it’s far more important to get into a consistent habit of working out on the days you’re planning to work out than to do the most “effective” exercises. Find something you love and stick to it. If you don’t stick with it, then it’s simply not a good program for you. As you progress, you can start trying to do the things that don’t seem as fun to you to do.

Once you’re in a consistent habit of working out (at least 6 months of following your routine), then you can start to do some of the exercises that may provide better results if you don’t normally enjoy them. I do exercises that I don’t love (i.e. yoga), but only on rare occasions in order to be more balanced. I also love to workout in general, so most anything that gets my heartrate up is better than not working out.

Find a workout program that you love and will follow. Stop listening to all of the people telling you that you should do something else. If you stick with it, then you’ll be better off than not doing anything at all.


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