Technical College

Technical College


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Technical colleges are a great option to skip the standard higher education path.

Not everyone is college bound after they finish high school. While that used to be the only recommended option, these days there are a lot of other options available. If your child is not interested in going to college, that is not the end of the world. While college may open several doors to them, there are other doors that can be opened as well with different paths that they may take.

One of the best options these days is a technical college or trade school. These schools are not like a standard college where they offer all kinds of different classes where you have to figure out what you want to major in, and you may spend many years getting unnecessary credits and education. Instead, you set yourself on a track towards a profession and there is a well defined set of requirements to complete.

Unlike a University education which is often focused more on the experience than the actual education, a technical college is focused on getting you to a certificate or degree quickly so that you can use your new skills in the workplace. You don’t have to worry about all of the extracurricular activities and socializing (although you certainly can). You get your classes and degree and get on to the workplace.

For many kids, this is a great option. You should not be disappointed if they choose to go this route. There are far worse routes that they can choose to take. Certainly, any education is going to be better than no education at all. Furthermore, many of the professions that come out of these colleges are high in demand and will pay very decent wages after just a handful of years in the profession.

These schools aren’t just for kids either. If you’re looking to make a profession change, a technical college or trade school can be a great option. These schools are simply focused on getting you into the workforce so that you can earn a decent living wage. If you’re tired of your current job, then you should seriously consider a technical college. Even just a little research may get you interested.

Make sure that you understand the requirements and expected timelines related to these schools. Most of them are under two years, but there are definitely colleges out there that aren’t really reputable. Namely the big IT colleges that say they’ll get you a computer science degree or other technical degree quickly - these programs often have high turnover rates and provide poor education.

A technical college, on the other hand, is generally well reviewed and puts people into STEM related jobs - they’re not strictly focused on computer or IT fields. They’re focused on jobs that are in demand that are technical to some degree - for example, many of these programs will offer nursing programs as well as electrician degrees. These are jobs that are needed in the current climate.

If your child isn’t interested in college, don’t despair - there are plenty of other options. Look at a trade school or technical college. It may be easier for them to swallow with the shorter timeline and more well defined pathway.

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