Fun Toy: Teepee

Fun Toy: Teepee


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Tired of building your own fort? Get this teepee instead.

Building forts is one of the best ways to spend days as a kid. Get a bunch of blankets, push the couch next to the bookcase, and you’ve got a hideout that you can play in for hours on end. As an adult, it’s fun to build forts as well, but often it’s a bit hard to make a fort large enough that you fit in. Your kids will definitely have you try though, even if you can only fit your head in through one end.

Of course, building forts comes with big messes afterwards. Books on the floor, and perhaps on the head, as that’s what is often used to hold the blankets up. There’s a good chance other items can break as well in the process depending on what’s used to hold the fort up. It’s invariable that something will fall, just hope that no one gets hurt and that nothing too expensive gets broken.

If you’re tired of building play forts, or simply don’t want the kids to make a huge mess around the house, then you should look at buying a play teepee. This is a simple little item that lets your kids have their own play place without the huge mess. It also looks decent, so can be left up when you have company over as it won’t have taken over the entirety of the living room - it can sit in the corner just fine.

We have this teepee and it sits in the corner of our living room all the time. Our kids are in and out of it throughout the day playing different games. While it’s not huge, it’s big enough for the two of them to sit in together, and for a parent to sit just outside and talk to them as well. It actually works just right for a couple of kids - if they were smaller than a third could fit into it as well.

During the month of December, we were also able to decorate the teepee with a garland and Christmas lights, so it really fit in well inside the house - it was very festive. It certainly didn't feel out of place, and it gave the kids an additional reason to play inside. Just the opposite of a normal play fort, this works perfectly basically all year round if you have room for it to remain up in your home.

We also use this outside in the summer. It actually sat outside all summer long and the kids would play outside in it. We didn’t have to worry about taking blankets outside or trying to figure out how to make a play fort outside as they already had one. Whether you use it inside or outside, it allows for a simple place to play. This teepee can also be washed in the washer so even if it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean up.

We still end up building forts on occasion, simply because building your own place to hide and play is a lot of fun for kids. Getting a blanket stretched as far as you can to make the biggest play fort you can simply can’t be beat. However, that only happens once every few months these days as the kids are content to use the teepee as their place to play. If you’re tired of fort building, then you should give it a try.

Get a teepee if you want to have a permanent, and decent looking play fort for your kids. It might save a few bumps and breaks as well. Get your teepee now.


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