Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night


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Having a night a week where the entire family comes together to watch a movie is a great way to spend time together.

If you’ve been reading many of my articles, you may have noticed that I don’t talk a lot about watching TV or movies. That’s because I don’t watch TV very much - there are other things I’d generally rather be doing with my free time, such as reading. While I generally enjoy movies, they are just not at the top of my list of things to do.

One of the times that I will watch something is when we’re doing it as a family activity. Watching a movie together is a simple way to spend time together as a family while relaxing. Watching a movie doesn’t require anyone to run around, doesn’t require a lot of energy, and is a simple way to relax after a long day and week together.

Family movie nights have come to be a favorite in our home for a few reasons. First off, spending time together doesn’t happen all too often in our home where the entire family is together. Putting a movie on is a simple way for us to all come together and enjoy each other without a lot of screaming.

Furthermore, movie night generally comes with popcorn as well. If you don’t have a popcorn maker, you can certainly make popcorn in the microwave even though it’s nowhere near as tasty. You can also make popcorn directly on the stove in a pot - this can be bad for your stove and/or pot though, so make sure you don’t care about either before going this route. If you don’t like popcorn, or would prefer something healthier, then you can do that food instead - popcorn is generally associated with movies for most people is all.

Movie night also doesn’t require a lot of attention to be paid toward it. While choosing a movie the entire family will enjoy may be difficult, especially with younger children or children spanning multiple ages, it’s really easy to spend time doing something else during that time as well. Bringing your Kindle to the party can be done rather simply, and quietly while others enjoy the movie. I try not to do this too often though - it’s nice to actually just let my mind wander, and not do too much every now and again.

Family movie nights can happen as often or rarely as you’d like. A night where everyone is home and available is ideal, but if someone from the family has to miss, then you can do it without them as well. Sunday nights are a popular night for family movie nights as generally everyone’s home, and it can be easiest to get everyone together. However, really any time will work.

In terms of what you watch, there are plenty of streaming services out there to choose from. If you watch a lot of movies already, you may find your selection somewhat lacking, but if you don’t watch many movies then you should be fine. You’ll likely have to turn something on that your kids will enjoy if you want them to sit through it. While that may not be your favorite movie, it’s a chance to get a little bit of quiet while your kids are entertained.

Enjoying a movie with the entire family can be a fun activity for everyone, and a great way to relax. You don’t have to do it often for it to be a great time spent together.


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